Malcolm Dorfman Shihan

Founder and Chief Instructor

Founder and Chief Instructor - Budo Karate International (BKI)
Assistant Chief Instructor - Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF)
Chief Instructor - Karatenomichi South Africa (KWF SA)
African Continent Director - World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA)


Malcolm Dorfman Sensei was born in Johannesburg on 31 March 1947. His Martial Art experience which includes Karate, Judo and Kendo extends over more than 50 years. After three years of Judo between the ages of 11 to 14 years, he recommenced Judo training at the University of Pretoria Judo Club under Eddie Dorey Sensei at the age of 17 and the following year (1966) joined the University of Witwatersrand Judo Club where he captained the Wits Judo team.

At that time, he joined the University karate club and a few months later, the JKA dojo of Stan Schmidt Sensei. He made rapid progress, and in 1970 was selected for the very first Springbok (national) team to tour overseas. In 1978, after being chosen as the Springbok captain, he retired from the team, but still competed internationally on a selective basis for several years thereafter.

He went abroad many times to train with karate masters all over the world, inter alia, M. Nakayama Sensei and the instructors of JKA headquarters in Tokyo, H. Nishiyama Sensei (Los Angeles), H. Kanazawa Sensei (Tokyo), T. Kase Sensei (Paris), H. Shirai Sensei (Milan), K. Enoeda Sensei (London), H. Ochi Sensei (Bottrop), and especially M. Tanaka Sensei (both in Japan and when Tanaka Sensei was resident in Copenhagen).

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei was well known in the famous "Hornets' Nest", the elite instructors class of the original Japan Karate Association, before it fragmented. From 1974, when he first trained there as a 3rd Dan, up till 1993, he had been to Japan almost 20 times, and trained in the "Hornets' Nest" each time for an extended period.

In 1986 he was awarded 6th Dan by M. Nakayama Shihan, the late Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association making him the holder of the highest Dan level awarded to a non-Japanese during the lifetime of M. Nakayama Shihan, who died in 1987. He also achieved the highest status qualifications given by the Japan Karate Association to a non-Japanese, which are A-class International Instructor, A-class International Judge and A-class International Examiner and was elected to the International Shihankai (Master Panel) of the Nakahara JKA.

From 1993 till 1999, Malcolm Dorfman Sensei was a member of the Asai JKA, where he was graded to 7th Dan by a panel headed by Asai Sensei in February 1994. However, in 1999, after the Japanese High Court ruled in favour of the Nakahara JKA with regard to title to the name Shadan Hojin Nihon Karate Kyokai (Japan Karate Association), the former Asai JKA organisation split into three, with Asai Sensei forming the Japan Karate Shotokai (JKS), Abe Sensei forming the Japan Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA) and Yahara Sensei forming the Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF).

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei opted to go with the Karatenomichi World Federation. After undergoing a lengthy and arduous grading examination held the day prior to the 2000 Karatenomichi World Championships in Cardiff, Wales, he was awarded the rank of 8th Dan KWF by the Japanese Master Panel (International Shihankai) under Yahara Sensei making him the only non-Japanese in the world to hold the KWF rank of 8th Dan. In addition, at that time, he was appointed as a member of the original 3-man Supreme Master Board (Saiko-Shihankai) of the Karatenomichi World Federation, the first and at that time, the only non-Japanese to hold this status. The other two members were Yahara Sensei and Isaka Sensei, the other two 8th Dan holders in KWF.

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei also holds the title of KWF Assistant World Chief Instructor jointly with Isaka Sensei.

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei is the Chief Instructor and official representative of the Karatenomichi World Federation in South Africa and operates the South African branch under the name of Karatenomichi South Africa. Karatenomichi South Africa also has membership with the World Shotokan Karatedo Association (WSKA) where he was appointed as WSKA Director for the African Continent and is one of the three members of the WSKA Technical Board and one of five members of the WSKA Referee Commission.

In 2012 Malcolm Dorfman Sensei founded the Budo Karate International (BKI). BKI is a Shotokan organisation catering for authentic Karatedo & Karatejitsu exponents worldwide. The principle of Shojiki (integrity) is an integral aspect of the organisation's philosophy. His purpose in founding this organisation was to maintain and preserve the Budo aspect, original values, traditions and ethos of the Martial Art of Karate while continually evolving by means of incorporating correct, scientific and safe modern exercise technology while continually researching the origins of karate. In February 2013, Budo Karate International was opened to the international karate community.

Malcolm Dorfman Sensei introduced Kendo into South Africa in 1985, and through his efforts the South African Kendo Federation was established. Due to his extensive karate commitments, he eventually handed over the reins to his senior kendo students.

In his spare time, Malcolm Dorfman Sensei likes to read American and British historical novels, and novels about feudal Japan. He is an avid alpine skier, and spends the end of the year vacation skiing in the American Rockies. He is also a keen soccer fan and an ardent Manchester United supporter.


For own sporting achievements (1978)

For coaching achievements (1981)


8th Dan KaratenoMichi in 2000
Highest Dan level ever awarded to a Westerner by a major official Japanese Shotokan organisation. Also the youngest and only Westerner to pass this examination at the first attempt.

7th Dan JKA Shotokan in 1994
Highest Dan level ever awarded to a Westerner by the Japan Karate Association (Asai faction).

6th Dan JKA Shotokan in 1986
Highest Dan level ever awarded to a Westerner by M. Nakayama Shihan, the late Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association. (Shadan Hojin Nihon Karate Kyokai - prior to the split).


Member of the Springbok team for 9 years, commencing in 1970 and Springbok captain in 1978.

Chief Referee of South Africa for 12 years, commencing 1982

National Coach of the first ever Protea team in 1993.

International Championship achievements:
Winner of several international titles in a competition career that spanned 27 years (1967 to 1993)

South African All-Styles Karate:
Founder member of first official non-racial all-styles karate organisation in South Africa (KASA) in 1993
Awarded 8th Dan by KASA for technical contribution to the development of karate in South Africa.
Former National Executive Member for more than 2 decades.
Former official Technical Director for more than 2 decades.

Status in Japan & Worldwide:
Founder and World Chief Instructor of Budo Karate International.
Assistant World Chief Instructor of Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF).
Member of the Karatenomichi World Federation 'Saiko-Shihankai' (Supreme Master Panel) - one of the original three members.
Holds the highest rank ever awarded to a Western member of a Japanese Shotokan mainline association.
Awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class Examiner & A-class Judge by the Japan Karate Association (JKA Asai faction) in 1994.
Re-awarded the rank of A-class Instructor, A-class Examiner & A-class Judge by the KWF on its inception in 1999.
Appointed as World Cup Supervisor at the KWF World Cup in 2002-2011.
Appointed by the World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) as African Continent Director in 2001.
Member of the WSKA Referee Qualifications Panel for the World Championship in 2005.
Appointed by the World Shotokan Karate-do Association (WSKA) to the 5-man Referees Commission in 2013.

Shane Dorfman Sensei

Director: Technical Instruction, Strategy & Development

Shane Dorfman Sensei is an 8-time World karate champion, former Protea (SA National team) captain, holds a 6th Dan (degree) black belt and is an international master instructor (Kokusai Shihan). He is also a medical doctor and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. (See ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS below).


Triple Karatenomichi (KWF) World Open Grand Champion 2007 (Tokyo, Japan), 2004 (Tokyo, Japan) and 2002 (Miami, USA).
All-Shotokan World Open Kumite Champion 2005 (Chicago, USA).
Elected to the KWF International Shihankai (Master Panel) in 2007.
Awarded 6th degree black belt in 2004 by Yahara Sensei and the international grading panel of KWF at age 29, making Shane the youngest 6th dan in a mainline JKA-style Shotokan organisation in the world, including the Japanese.
Karatenomichi (KWF) Japan Open Kumite Champion 2001 (Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan).
JKA World Kata Champion 2000 (Wales).
World All-style (WKF) World U19 Grand Champion 1993 (Hungary).
World All-style (WKF) World U21 Kata Champion 1994 (Australia).
Captain of the KWF World Team Champions 2000 and JKA World Team champions 1996.
World Maccabi Grand Champion 1997 (Israel).
World Maccabi Kata Champion and Open Kumite runner-up 1993 (Israel).
African Cup (UFAK) U78kg Kumite Champion 1994.

Karatenomichi (KWF) S.A. Open Grand Champion (winner of both Kata and Kumite) 2002- 2004.
Karatenomichi (KWF) S.A. Open Champion (winner of Kata) August 2001.
JKA S.A. Open Grand Champion (winner of both Kata and Kumite) 1993 to 1999 inclusive.
S.A. All-styles (KASA) Grand Champion five times in seven years. Shane is the only male to have ever achieved the 'grand slam' (i.e. both JKA and All-styles Grand Champion in the same year).
Member of the official National Squad from 1993 to 2002, where Shane was the number one male choice for South Africa in both Kata and Kumite.

Sports Heroes Walk Against AIDS, Johannesburg - Cape Town, Charity Event (2002).
Awarded full blue 'cum laude' by the University of the Witwatersrand in 1994 (1 of only 3 recipients of the estimated 40 000 students).
University of the Witwatersrand Sportsman of the Year 1994.
Maccabi Senior Sportsman of the Year 2003/4.
Maccabi Junior Sportsman of the Year 1990-1995.

Karate Training:
Trained under Malcolm Dorfman Sensei from the age of 6, 1981.
Honbu dojo of the JKA in Japan, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1992, 1995. Instruction was given by the following Sensei: Tanaka, Osaka, Isaka, Yahara, Kagawa, Abe, Ueki. Trained with Nakayama Sensei 1983, 1985, 1986.
Honbu Dojo of KWF in Japan 2004 and 2006 with Yahara and Isaka Sensei.
San Diego with Nishiyama Sensei and Shirai Sensei 1987.
Crystal Palace with Enoeda Sensei 1988.
Milan with Shirai Sensei 1989.
Tokyo with Yahara Sensei, Abe Sensei, Isaka Sensei regularly 1992 - 2001.
Appointed as official instructor for the KWF World Camp Miami, USA, 2002 and Norway 2009.


Dr. Shane Dorfman
MBBCh (Wits) (Cum laude) MBA (Wits) (Cum laude)

Shane Dorfman Sensei graduated cum laude from Wits medical school in 1998. He later graduated with an MBA cum laude from Wits Business School in 2004, where he received a distinction for his research report on "Public Private Partnerships in the Healthcare sector". He also completed the Global Health Leadership Programme through the University of California, Berkeley and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Shane Dorfman Sensei is a part-time lecturer at Wits Business School and consults to an array of local and multinational corporates in his specialist area of Performance Optimisation and Leadership Fitness & Wellness where he amalgamates his knowledge bases of health and wellness, martial arts and cutting-edge business theory. Shane also has a number of other corporate products including self-defence and team building. His client base includes Investec Bank, Deloitte Consulting, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), G4S, Standard Bank, Wits Business School, Royal Bafokeng Holdings, Discovery Health, Brandunion, Oracle, Growthpoint, Network BBDO, Hewlett Packard, and Norton Rose attorneys.

He is also widely active on the business and management side of healthcare where he has held a number of senior management and executive positions.

He was appointed CEO of a black-owned company focusing on investments as well as management consulting, infrastructure, capital raising and public private partnership services in the healthcare sector. Shane resigned in early 2010 in order to pursue his passions and interests in the business and medical field.

He acts as an independent consultant on a number of broad healthcare projects covering inter alia strategy, private equity and public private partnerships, where clients have included Gauteng Department of Health, Hello Healthcare Holdings, City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane, Novartis, the Johannesburg Development Agency, Healthbridge, Benguela Health and HealthInsite.

On the clinical front, Shane Dorfman Sensei has recently returned to clinical medicine where he is a specialist registrar in the department of diagnostic radiology, Wits Medical School and Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (formerly Johannesburg General Hospital), has a special interest in health and wellness including sport and exercise medicine, and is trained and accredited in medical aesthetics.

Stan Schmidt Shihan

Honorary President

Stan Schmidt Shihan was born in Kokstad in 1936, moved to Johannesburg and attended King Edward VII School.

In 1963 he visited Japan in order to train at the Head Dojo of the Japan Karate Association, the first of many trips to follow, setting himself on the path to become one of the most respected karate exponents of the Shotokan style in the world.

He was the first westerner to attain the level of 7th Dan from the Japan Karate Association and as such, has remained as the highest graded westerner in that organisation. He was the founder of the JKA organisation in South Africa and was the Chief Instructor until his retirement a few years back. He has served on several world organisations in a top technical capacity, e.g. JKA, WKC and his contribution to Shotokan karate is well recognised.

He is the author of several excellent karate books and furthered his education by attaining a Master's degree in Communication from the University of South Africa. Stan Schmidt Shihan currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

In the words of Malcolm Dorfman Shihan: "Stan Schmidt Shihan was my first karate instructor, a mentor for many years and the man that put me on the Budo path. It is fitting that he should be linked to the international organisation I have founded which is based on principles that concur with his. Budo Karate International wished to honour this great sensei with this appointment and are in turn honoured by his acceptance of this position."